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This is a grand challenge jointly proposed by leading corporations interested in collaborating with startups. If you believe you can be the protagonist of the solution, register your startup:

Description of Challenge:

The tourism industry is information-intensive; the access to a reliable and precise information system is essential to help travelers to select the best products as well as for the efficient operation of the tourist market. Furthermore, an effective method of communication is essential in each stage of commercialization; there is several information technologies (IT) used in the tourism industry. The Internet has facilitated the rise of low-cost /low-fare air companies which work with cheaper rates and travel agencies which operate exclusively in the Web. At the same time the industry required a redefinition of new strategies to be adopted by the sector traditional players. If in pre-Internet times the processes were controlled by the vendors of products and services (agencies, air companies, hotels, tourism operators, car rental companies, etc.) with that and other technological solutions the end consumer has been playing a major role in selecting and controlling the products, the booking and purchasing processes. The technological solutions combined with consumers’ greater control implied the adoption of innovative strategies by the market: creation of new concepts of services, new modes of distribution and delivery of tourist products, new B2B partnerships in research and development (R&D) of products and processes, investments in IT and new requirements of empowerment and qualification of human resources (HR).

Opportunities for Startups:

  • » Development of solutions oriented towards social responsibility and sustainability (e.g. Technologies of accessibility for people with special needs);
  • » Management of safe and fast flow of passengers in stations, airports or ports;
  • » Shared economy: Reduction of travel and hotel costs by means of Internet and IT solutions applied to social media;
  • » Development of solutions for cooperation, alliances and/or networks in several areas such as technology, marketing, distribution and sharing of resources.
  • » Solutions for development of alternative tourism;
  • » Solutions in accommodations (ex: rental of properties, rooms and apartments);
  • » Solutions for mega-events;
  • » Promotion and alternative tourism products able to attract demand to fill fomented structures for public and private resources, especially the impulse conducting mega events (eg: how to best leverage the built stadiums after the World Cup or Olympics)
  • » Solutions / partnerships to improve the traveler / family experience and entertainment.

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