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  • » 3M
  • » Abbott
  • » Accenture
  • » AES
  • » Alelo
  • » Algar Agro
  • » Algar Telecom
  • » Audi
  • » Avon
  • » Bosch
  • » Braskem
  • » BRF
  • » Citrosuco
  • » Digitro Tecnologia
  • » Dow
  • » Dr.Reddy's Laboratories
  • » Duas Rodas
  • » Embraer
  • » Evonik
  • » EY
  • » Fibria
  • » Furukawa
  • » Gama Saúde
  • » Geofusion
  • » Gerdau
  • » Godrej & Boyce
  • » Grupo Boticário
  • » Grupo Fleury
  • » Grupo Oncoclínicas
  • » Grupo Positivo
  • » Grupo Sabara
  • » HCor
  • » Hospital São Rafael
  • » HP
  • » IBM
  • » Ilegra
  • » Indra Company
  • » Instituto SENAI de Inovação
  • » Intel
  • » Itaú-Unibanco
  • » Jacto
  • » Johnson & Johnson
  • » JPMorgan
  • » Kentech
  • » Libbs
  • » Locaweb
  • » Machani Group
  • » Mane do Brasil
  • » MATERA Systems
  • » Mediphacos
  • » Mondelez
  • » Natura
  • » Novozymes
  • » Oracle
  • » Orion Digital
  • » Pernambucanas
  • » Philips
  • » Porto Seguro
  • » Procter&Gamble
  • » Qualicorp
  • » Rede D'Or
  • » Rede Primavera
  • » Roche
  • » SABIC
  • » Saint-Gobain
  • » Samsung
  • » Sanofi
  • » Santa Helena Medical Assitance
  • » SENAI
  • » Shire
  • » TIM
  • » Univ. Metodista de São Paulo
  • » Votorantim
  • » Votorantim Cimentos
  • » Votorantim Energia
  • » Whirlpool
  • » Xerox
  • » Zaikenn

This is a grand challenge jointly proposed by leading corporations interested in collaborating with startups. If you believe you can be the protagonist of the solution, register your startup:

Description of Challenge:

Current society has been facing huge challenges related to demographic changes, aging, obesity, life style, nutrition, pollution, pandemics, endemic diseases, chronic diseases, need of greater access and more quality in health services, increase of promotion and prevention in health, just to name a few; all that has been a point of interest of companies, government and those working in health services, in innovative solutions facing such challenges which may reduce the costs and increase the quality of services

Opportunities for Startups:

  • » New medical equipment, devices and tests (e.g. nanotechnology, new bio-sensors, analytical methods, big data, miniaturization, portable medical equipment focusing on mobility, point of care testing, implantable devices, pre-diagnosis, virtual simulation solutions using open-source Technologies and gamification, biometric authentication, support solutions to clinical diagnosis in mobile platform for doctors and others);
  • » Solutions to promote the mass-customization of (medical or cosmetic) diagnostics and medical treatments. New quantified-self methodologies on the state of health, well-being and appearance (e.g. hydration, weight, condition of skin, hair, teeth);
  • » Internet of Things focusing on medical or active equipment (e.g. refrigerators); face recognition systems through cameras identifying patients; bracelet system for patients’ identification and correct application of traceable medicaments;
  • » Solutions to expand patients’ access to the health system and eliminating the waiting lines for surgeries in the public health system, promoting speed not only in surgeries but also in diagnosis, scheduling of tests, authorizations (e.g. patients promptly attended to in ER by pre-arrival self-triage). Lean health organizations with speed gains throughout the chain;
  • » Technological platforms and applications to promote companies’ production increase (example: gamification, talent management in HR, CRM, development of leadership, inventory management) and sustainability (ex: paperless clinics). Systems to promote analytical intelligence and improvement of industrial, quality, logistical or business processes;
  • » New projects and services expanding the consumers’ well-being experience with products and services;
  • » Solutions to promote greater access to new categories / standards of well-being with correlated products and services (ex: model of facilities and complexes to serve local communities by conciliating micro-credit and City, State and Federal partnerships);
  • » BI Platforms (ex: for clinical indicators, internal decision-making and partnerships); analytics data for advanced diagnosis (e.g. Dear, you have 30% chance to develop XYZ pathology. Please schedule a visit to the clinic for ABCD tests…) or quality benchmarking between hospitals (ex: better practices for protocol definition), analytical and predictive management solutions for identification of health problems;
  • » Artificial intelligence, neural networks, cognitive intelligence applied to health and well-being;
  • » Solutions to enable the abandonment of disease prevention social paradigm (fear) for production of health (confidence) from the people’s and business standpoint. Services increasing the persons’ actual adherence to healthy habits focusing on B2B and B2B2C
  • » Services connecting the different health professionals within the persons’ health context (e.g. social media) and promoting the systemic interoperability of health players. Systems connecting and influencing the family and community members with common well-being; acting intermediaries by facilitating / accelerating the interaction between companies (ex: system for exchange of files / information between health providers and operators) and the health chain entities (focus on B2B);
  • » Self-management solutions: Online platforms of self-scheduling of exams (appointments, tests, etc.); solutions for better self-management of users’ health and well-being (prevention and adhesion to treatment); patient portal;
  • » Online management systems: Focusing on doctors’ activities (e.g., scheduling appointments facilitating the health insurance plan authorization); systems to promote ‘de-hospitalization’ (home care, online care, patients’ post-surgery follow up); solutions promoting interaction with users focusing on health and well-being; online health learning platforms (doctors, surgeons and patients); unified medical records; unified vision of patients (interoperability), teleconsulting, teleintervention and telemonitoring – telemedicine;
  • » Health solutions oriented to Silver Economy;
  • » Medical and First Aid equipment for assistance in commercial flights.

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