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This is a grand challenge jointly proposed by leading corporations interested in collaborating with startups. If you believe you can be the protagonist of the solution, register your startup:

Description of Challenge:

The food industry is dynamic, expansive and has technological interfaces with several other industries by stimulating innovations throughout the entire production chain both in farming (raw material producers demanding technologies from other sectors) and in packaging, chemical, machinery and equipment industries, etc. While the eating habits change the food manufacturers seek innovations and attempt to develop products to keep consumers interested. Such changes like the increasing search for healthier foods, lack of time to prepare meals at home, women’s higher participation in the job market and increase in the number of people living alone have generated opportunities for startups.

Opportunities for Startups:

  • » Operational costs, yield / return and margin: The food and beverage market is more complex; consumers look for variety, health products at more accessible prices. Most of raw materials include activities such as planting, selection of breeding animals, etc. Climate and crop variations have high impact on costs. A small alteration in the return many times means a great change in profits. In a tight margin business it is essential to manage costs and margins in detail and throughout the entire supply chain. Example of application: Solutions considering the gap between food demand and production, solutions for incentives to small producers for increase of access to foodstuffs;
  • » Excellence in services and technologies: Certain ingredients are available only in certain periods of the year; many have a very short shelf life. Promotions may create demand peaks which many times are difficult to predict and plan purchases of raw materials and packaging, production and distribution capacity. A production, planning and execution management able to capture, visualize and analyze all information is the guarantee to run a service of excellence. Examples of applications: traceability and control of chemical residues in foodstuffs, especially in fruits and produce, development of solutions / ingredients through nanotechnology and biotechnology and others;Use of bioavailability for the production and functional assets; technologies for encapsulating flavorings and food assets; new solutions considering the aging population, baby nutrition and healthy habits (eg athletes)
  • » Sustainability: Consumers now are more concerned with the environment, are adept to recyclable packaging and favor companies having sustainable and ethical behavior. The research and development of more intelligent recipes and formulae respecting the increasing focus on food safety, complying with environment protection regulations and providing benefits such as reduction of water consumption and discharge of residual waters – all that is essential.
  • » Mobility: In the companies mobility solutions provide benefits such as precise information, speed and agility in obtaining data, reducing errors with typing processes and checking and increase of productivity. Additionally consumers also use smartphones and tablets to monitor, among other things, their personal health; thus the food industry should more and more offer transparence and information.
  • » Logistics: Solutions to facilitate the access to healthy food at a reduced costs;
  • » Packaging: New technologies and solutions in smart packages.

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