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This is a grand challenge jointly proposed by leading corporations interested in collaborating with startups. If you believe you can be the protagonist of the solution, register your startup:

Description of Challenge:

The electric sector is one of the pillars for the socioeconomic development of a country being present throughout the production chain, distribution and end use of goods and services. However the industry has been facing several challenges such as improvement of reliability and security of networks, improvement in operational efficiency and cost reduction, better balance in generation and demand of energy from the same installed capacity and reduction of power systems environmental impacts. The perspectives of innovation in the industry revolve around the generation, transmission, distribution and commercialization of electric power with opportunities for new Technologies in equipment, accessories, supplies, services to name a few. A good example of such innovation trend is the development of Technologies in Smart Grids having the potential to revolutionize the supply chain and electric power consumption by using digital technology, sensors and communication networks. Network communication is the main barrier for the use of "smart" technologies by power companies, due to high implantation and operational costs and the lack of a standard and of homogeneity and reliability of power network in developing countries.

Opportunities for Startups:

  • » Solutions for increase of energy efficiency and quality in generation and reliability of electric energy services;
  • » New measuring Technologies and methods – smart meters, monitoring and reduction of commercial losses and the electric systems vulnerability to theft and fraud;
  • » Technologies in Smart Grids and Smart Networks;
  • » New Technologies focusing on distributed (decentralized) generation;
  • » Inovabilidade: inovações com foco em sustentabilidade considerando o triple bottom line (ex: fontes alternativas sustentáveis, proteção ambiental, segurança no trabalho e outros);
  • » Solutions for increase of efficiency in the management of water resources considering river basins and reservoirs;
  • » Technologies in analytical intelligence and business management for better services by the distribution companies, service shops, better interaction with users and managerial-decision making;
  • » Solutions for improvement in the electric energy supply infrastructure;
  • » Alternatives of energy storage with higher capacity and durability;
  • » Monitoring and control Technologies for energy transmission equipment with low cost and/or high precision and/or great durability;
  • » Security Technologies for energy transmission operations with low cost and/or great durability;
  • » Technologies in analytical intelligence for transmission automation;
  • » Solutions in energy storage systems connected to the power grid aiming to increase the systems efficiency as well as enabling more efficient use of electric energy (Note: such systems may be used in the generation, transmission, distribution and by end consumers; in generation its use is more common in the integration of renewable sources which, due to their intermittent nature and increasing participation in the energy matrix may cause detrimental effects such as frequency and voltage variation).
  • » Data communication solutions for the integration of technology smart (Grids and Cities), including the possibility of sharing with the public lighting process, currently under the responsibility of municipalities.
  • » Alternatives for the development of hybrid engines for trucks and farming and forest tractors;
  • » Electric energy generation system independent from the power grid;
  • » New solutions enabling the integration of different sources of generation, transmission and distribution of electric energy;
  • » Waste energy reuse for generation of electric power;
  • » Distributed Generation: Solutions for generation, storage and consumption of energy in minor and major scale (example: photo-voltaic panels, micro-turbines or fuel cells).

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